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As I write this, there are 46 people worldwide authorized by the authors of The Kanban Guide to deliver Professional Kanban courses. I am honoured to be part of that expert community. I am a Professional Kanban Trainer with ProKanban.org.

My clients frequently request Kanban training. The first Kanban course I delivered was in 2015 — by that time, I had a few years experience with Kanban in the workplace (with software teams mostly, but not exclusively). I am always happy to share my experience with Kanban with teams, managers, and executives so they too can apply Kanban in their work.

As demand for my Kanban classes grew, I considered publishing a condensed Kanban guide for my clients. Sure, Lean Kanban University (LKU) had already produced a set of courses and books for a prescription they call “The Kanban Method” but I felt the world — and my clients — needed a more concise, simpler approach.

Fortunately, Daniel Vacanti (of ActionableAgile) was further along than I. He was already working with others (including some of our mutual colleagues at Scrum.org) and in mid-2020 he published The Kanban Guide and ProKanban.org was founded to support the guide’s development and to produce accompanying training courses.

The moment I saw the launch of ProKanban.org and The Kanban Guide, I immediately set a goal to be tested by that expert community and become a Professional Kanban Trainer. In July, 2021, I became PKT (Professional Kanban Trainer).

Contact me to learn more and bring Kanban training to your company, department, team.

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